The Cat Studio

The Cat Studio is about cats. Yep, it is that simple. This is the place where cats are at the centre of everything. The Cat Studio was born out of several conversations about cat adoptions in Bangalore and how there could be a concerted effort to give this a much more organized shape and space. Turning this into something that could give the studio legs, the cat couple came up with the idea of using the studio as an experience zone for ardent cat lovers and for first timers as well. The studio is a space where humans can interact with cats, understand them better and make a permanent connection with the feline friends. The studio completes the cycle by allowing people to adopt cats and give them a forever home that deserves these wonderful creatures. Oscar “Not so” Wilde said the following about cats

“What is a life if there isn’t a cat and their soft purr, What is a life if there isn’t a cat and their soft fur

Cats do not ask for too much attention or time, A little care and they will just be fine.”

Adopt a Cat

We, at The Cat Studio are very particular about the adoption process. Read more about the process

Visit the Studio

Visit ‘The Cat Studio’ and spend some quality time with the cats. This way you can get to know about each other & the commitment of taking a cat home.

House Check

Once you express your interest to adopt, we check your house to guide you on cat-proofing and also gauge the family members’ consent.

Home Coming

Once the house is ready, you can take home the cat(s). We will be in touch with you after adoption to receive updates about them. All the studio cats are vaccinated, dewormed & neutered.

People Behind


On one Mumbai rainy day, two cats found their way to Vishanth and snuggled with him. Was it the wind or was it plain simple destiny, we won’t know but that led to something and lit up a corner in Vishanth’s heart. The cat studio was born out of a discussion with his better half to do something for an animal that is generally considered a bad omen in India. While not tending to the studio and his pets’ insane demands, he is found tilting the mills at Manthan systems. And oh, just like Bill gates whose vision was to place a windows computer at every desk, Vishanth dreams of world where every household adopts a cat as a pet.


Her WhatsApp has more animal rescue groups than friends and family, she remembers her pets’ birthdays much more accurately than her human friends. This is Osha, the better half of cat studio. Osha is an avid dog lover and her day job involves tending to the lovely dogs at an adoption center in Bangalore. Cats waltzed their way into her life and changed it forever. A dogs’ bark and a cats’ meow lighten up her heart like nothing else. Her vision of life includes a beach, a shack and her pets running with joy, with no worries whatsoever.

What do our visitors say?

It’s a Feline Wonderland

The Cat Studio is a lovely place for people humans of all ages. The adults can unwind and read in the pleasant space. It’s a lovely place to bring kids to teach them kindness towards animals. I for one was a lost soul, rescued by the wonderful cats here, not to mention the wonderful people who

Tripti Rawal

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Find Us

When your dose of cat goes low, visit us. 

Address: 485, 8th Cross, Jeevan Bheema Nagar Main Road, Besides Precise Pet Clinic, Bangalore - 75

Phone: 8553 000 285

Working  Hours:  11:30 AM to 6:30 PM (All days)

Charges: The Cat Studio charges for all visitors. This allows us to raise money for the studio's upkeep and also pay for keeping the environment as cat-friendly as we can. The time charges are very minimal when compared to the love that the cats shower at you when you enter their zone. 

The charges are 

Rs. 50 per head for the first 15 minutes. 

Rs. 70 per head for every additional 1/2 hour.