Alien becomes Luffy

Meet Hari and Nikhita, DevOps Engineer and Graphic Designer by day recently got married and in just about 10 days decided to have (adopt) another baby. Who did they adopt? Our wonderful Alien, of course.

Nikhita has always, ALWAYS been a cat lover. Although she doesn’t remember from when she sure does remember how much of a love hers was. Hari, on the other hand, was influenced by Nikhita and the rest is, well, history.

Alien also has a sister and a brother cat at home, namely Misty and Snow. A family where the cats outnumber the humans! ┬áNow, that’s what we’re talking about!

In Nikhita’s words, “Alien is a toe-biting machine. My toes are his favourite toy! Ouch!”

We thank Doctor Girish Kumar Vk for having taken care of Alien, Yogi, and Kiki whenever they were sick. Most appreciated!

Nikhita runs a group called ‘Feed The Strays – Indiranagar’, do check her page out and support. Let’s do what we can and go out of our way in doing so too.