Greatest Duo

Obama and Hillary have been adopted by the fine gentleman, Nicolas!

The brother and sister duo have such a beautiful bonding where they do not leave each other’s side. We all have grown fond of their incessant grooming sessions. They also turn into complete nuts and chase each other, round and around and around through every high and low of the Studio. Not tomention, these two can jump shockingly high while trying to catch the teaser toys. We still wonder how they have the energy to be the active kitty cats that they are… Guessing we could learn from them! 🙈

They now have a fancy for the ironing table at home. *teehee* And Hillary is ‘Lilly’ now, lovelier name and an ever lovelier cat mademoiselle is.

We wish them the happiest lives with a whole lotta grooming, chasing and all-loving as a fam!