Handsome meets Beautiful

When you think of ‘handsome’, you think of Aakash. Well, atleast most of his fans do. *teehee*

Such poise, killer for his stripes, this guy did well in portraying himself as an ‘alpha male’, but in reality, is so loving, cuddly and even sleeps with his parents as I type this down.

Santhoshi & George are previous adopters of The Cat Studio. They have had their fair share of fond memories with cats in their childhood. After marriage, their mutual love for felines got them the greatest gifts in life: Piku (their other cat) and now, Aakash.

However fiesty the first few days were, in a matter of time, Piku and Aakash realised they were long lost friends (or so did they make us believe).

What a jolly good life P&A!  Not to mention for the humans as well. (Oh, these cats always get the spotlight!)