Love Wins

Peanut and Muffin have been adopted by couple, Anu and Deekshant.

Peanut has been renamed as Leo and well, Muffin stays the same cute Muffin.

The first evening at their forever home, Leo and Muffin occupied their parents’ bed with absolutely no care nor any shyness. They have grown so comfortable and are immensely happy together. The love that the brothers share is so beautiful, they literally hug and give support to each other while sleeping and while not.

Anu and Deekshant have been broughtup in a pet environment wherein they were with dogs always. But then, something happened…

In Anu’s words, “The time we entered The Cat Studio, our affinity towards cats became stronger.” They slowly then came to the decision of committing to Leo and Muffin’s lives.

Further Anu said, “Nothing can make you feel more joyful and loved than them. From day one they are super cuddly and playful. Everyday they both do some or the other naughty things that takes our heart away. We are always wanting to come back from office to our furry family to cuddle and play. We are indeed very lucky to have such cutie pies like them.”

The newly pet parents have said it all.

Love Wins