September 14, 2016

Heavy Petting – Cat Calling

12th Sept 2016 | Bangalore Mirror 

If you are a cat person, a visit to The Cat Studio in Indiranagar should be on your to-do list. Aptly named, it’s a studio for rescued Indian cats to put up, play with each other or cuddle up with visitors, until they find a home. The ultimate objective of this space, run by techie Vishanth R, and his wife Osha S, who works for an animal shelter in the city, is to get these felines adopted.
Vishanth says his goal is to spread awareness about Indian cats, bust misconceptions about them (they are unlucky, cat fur is allergic and more), and encourage their adoption. “We wanted to start an experience zone, where people can spend time with cats, know them better and decide if they want to have one,” he says.

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